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Online Volunteer Driver Training Course for VIS Members

VIS, the nationwide leader in volunteer insurance, and the National Volunteer Transportation Center have developed an online, self-paced vehicle safety course specifically for volunteer drivers. The volunteer can complete the course in under an hour, and generate a personalized certificate of completion. Topics include: safety of the vehicle itself effective communication with passengers defensive driving speed […]

Volunteer Retention: How Psychological Contracts Play a Part in Your Success

By Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA, Tobi Johnson & Associates | VolunteerPro As leaders of volunteers, when we think about improving volunteer retention rates and reducing turnover we often think first about the processes and paperwork involved. Is there a barrier that keeps people from returning? Is this too complex or bureaucratic? Are we scaring people […]

No, Let’s DO Talk About That

A few years ago, Wharton School professor John R. Kimberly decided to explore the question, “Why do people with integrity behave differently within an organization than they would on their own?” His interviews led to the following conclusions, all of which underscore the need for unfettered communication within an organization: People who know about a […]