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Do This and Be Happier With Your Online Meetings

By Elisa Kosarin, CVA, Have you experienced this? You’re leading an online orientation for prospective volunteers – or perhaps it’s a volunteer training, or even a staff meeting – and the energy in the room never quite gets off the ground.  Your participants seem quieter than usual, more distracted, and not fully focused on […]

No, Let’s DO Talk About That

A few years ago, Wharton School professor John R. Kimberly decided to explore the question, “Why do people with integrity behave differently within an organization than they would on their own?” His interviews led to the following conclusions, all of which underscore the need for unfettered communication within an organization: People who know about a […]

Assisted Rides Expands Services in Response to Pandemic

Assisted Rides, one of VIS’s partner providers, is a great example of how organizations can adapt in order to continue providing valuable services even as the pandemic has forced social distancing. Assisted Rides offers Web-based services for nonprofit organizations that provide volunteer-based transportation and other services to their clients. Jeremy Pease of Assisted Rides explains how […]

VIS Preparing To Insure Volunteers of New Community Care Corps Programs

VIS is preparing to insure the volunteers of an innovative program aimed at helping family caregivers, older adults, and persons with disabilities, nationwide.  The Community Care Corps has awarded $2.44 million in grants to 23 programs that were selected from the 183 applicants. Volunteers of the grant recipients will provide a variety of non-medical services, […]

Common Questions on Volunteer Liability and Insurance, Answered – Part 3

In this post, we answer one of the most common Google questions regarding volunteer engagement. What is volunteer insurance? There are three types of insurance designed specifically for volunteers: Accident medical – This coverage pays the medical expenses incurred when a volunteer is injured, up to the policy limit; e.g., $50,000. Coverage is available either […]