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How to Handle Disputes with Volunteers

Volunteers are often the eyes and ears of an organization. By giving time and expertise, they are personally invested and their feedback is critical for growth. Sometimes, that feedback may come in a form that is more emotionally charged than preferred. It may even become a dispute.  Responses should not mirror negative emotions and you […]

Preventing Acts of Dishonesty from Volunteer Workers

Many organizations rely on a trusted group of employees and do not consider the need for stronger means to protect the organization’s financial assets. Unfortunately, employee theft is a risk that cannot be ignored, as it accounts for roughly 30 to 50 percent of business failures. The importance of volunteer and employee dishonesty insurance can […]

Risk Management Best Practices for Volunteer-Based Transportation Programs

Does your organization offer, or want to offer, volunteer-based transportation services for those in your community who are not able to drive? The demand is growing, with the aging of the population. Many, especially older persons, are having to give up the keys, but they still need to go to appointments, visitation, shopping, entertainment, and […]

The Liabilities of Volunteer Drivers

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteer drivers to help fulfill programs and services. No matter the driver’s reason for transportation, opportunities abound for volunteers to fill a much-needed gap for these services in our communities.  You may be concerned that you’re putting either your volunteers or your nonprofit at risk due to the inherent dangers […]