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Winter Driving Safety – Watch Out For Black Ice

Black Ice

If winters are cold where you are, your clients served by volunteer drivers need help when roads might have icy spots, just as they do when the pavement is dry. So how can you reduce the risk of a vehicle accident in those circumstances? We have some tips you might want to share with those great volunteers who get behind the wheel even when the driving can be tricky.

Do you know how to spot “black ice”? Snow Sports Zone, an online winter sports resource, points out that when precipitation falls on road surfaces that already are frozen, the tiny air bubbles that normally make ice look whitish don’t have time to form. So, an icy spot can look black, as though it were only standing water. If the temperature is, and has been, below freezing, assume that those black spots are ice, and slow down. Steer around them, if you can do that safely, or go through slowly. If the vehicle begins to slide, remember: steer in the direction it is sliding.

VIS has other resources to help you minimize the risks of winter driving. Here is a blog post on the topic, free to read on this Website. Also, if you are a VIS member (only $25 a year), you have free 24/7 access to our “VIS Vault” of risk management resources on volunteer engagement, including our “Preventer Papers” on vehicle safety. With the National Volunteer Transportation Center, VIS also developed the only online, self-paced vehicle safety program specifically for volunteer drivers. That course also is available to you and your volunteer drivers, free of charge. It can be completed in about an hour, and a certificate of completion generated for the volunteer’s supervisor.

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