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Protect the volunteers of your feeding program against the most common risks they face, very inexpensively.

Food banks and meals programs depend on volunteers. Unfortunately, even the best-run operations sometimes have volunteer injuries. When volunteers drive their personal vehicles as part of their assignments, no matter how well-trained and careful they might be, sometimes they cause accidents.  As you think about what your volunteers do, you might imagine how these incidents could occur on your watch. Maybe they already have.

Nonprofit organizations are always searching for ways to give back, to the volunteers they depend upon to support the mission. No doubt you have found a way to express your appreciation to your own volunteers that works for you. If you are open to one more way, consider the benefit of an insurance policy that can pay up to $50,000 to cover medical expenses if a volunteer is injured. In addition, consider how volunteer drivers would appreciate knowing that if they cause an accident and the liability limits of their personal auto policy are exceeded, you have provided them with a policy that will provide the driver up to $500,000 in additional protection.

Besides the benefit of giving something of value to your volunteers, insuring them in our programs also preserves your organization’s critical liability limits of insurance…allowing them to be reserved to protect you and your organization.

The cost?

It’s $4.25 per volunteer for the volunteer accident coverage; $7.45 per volunteer per year for the excess auto liability. It’s a little more than the price of lunch, if you purchase both, for a full year of protection. Not a lot, considering the benefit for them and the extra recruitment power for you.

Here is a link to our online application on the Website of The CIMA Companies, the administrator of our volunteer insurance program  — Your exact cost is computed automatically for you on the application, so you have that information without even talking with anyone here. But if you do want to talk to a real person about the program before you make a decision, Jennifer Yarnell or Vicki Brooks would love to hear from you. They are at 800.222.8920.

You’ll notice on the application that we also offer volunteer liability coverage in case volunteers accidentally injure someone or damage someone’s property, other than while they’re driving. Some of the food programs participating in Volunteers Insurance Service also elect that coverage, which is only $2.05 per volunteer for a full year of protection.

All the information about what we offer is at