Member Benefits

Value of VIS membership

Save time and expense

We have identified top providers of products and services nonprofits are likely to need, so you don’t need to do all the research yourself. We also help you conserve your budget: We offer a cost-effective way to insure your volunteers separately from your organization — transferring the risk that a volunteer might be injured, injure someone else or damage someone’s property, or be at fault in a vehicle accident. Our members also enjoy substantial discounts on products and services nonprofit organizations often need.  You’ll save our $25 annual membership cost with your first purchase. Here is an overview of those products and services. Once you join VIS, you will have access to all the discounts our partner providers offer VIS members.

“VIS Vault” of risk management resources

Our proprietary risk management resources – Articles addressing common risks in a nonprofit organization, with guidance and additional resources; “Preventer Papers” on volunteer injury prevention and vehicle safety; a detailed model for your volunteer risk management program; guidance on how to evaluate volunteer Motor Vehicle Records; tips on how to prevent employee and volunteer dishonesty; and much more. All free and available 24/7 to VIS members.

Reduce the risk of volunteer engagement

For nearly 50 years, our organization has offered a unique program for insuring your volunteers in case they are injured, injure someone, damage property or are at fault in a vehicle accident while volunteering.

Transferring the volunteer risk exposure to the VIS program helps protect your organization’s own limits of insurance and claims experience, closes coverage gaps that often exist in an organization’s policies, and provides a benefit that helps you recruit and retain the best volunteers. As a VIS member, you also have access to a rich variety of documents, periodicals, training programs and other resources that will help you identify and manage your own foreseeable risks.

You can choose the ones that fit your organization’s needs the best.

Sterling Volunteers background screening services

The only volunteer background screening platform tailored to the specific needs of the service sector. Save time and cost, while making sure you’re in compliance with all federal and state laws. Great management tools make a once-burdensome process easy.

Assisted Rides Web-based volunteer driver scheduling and management

A Web-based service for nonprofits that provide transportation and other services, making it easy to schedule and track your volunteer activity. Google maps, turn-by-turn directions, automatic calculation of miles, calculation of “in-kind dollars,” and extensive reporting are all part of the service.

Debt management, from Cambridge Credit Counseling

Cambridge Credit Counseling, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that has a 25-year record of helping people gain control of debt that otherwise was controlling them…credit cards with high interest rates, student loans, the threat of foreclosure or bankruptcy, and more. Go to, or call the dedicated VIS toll-free number at Cambridge – 888.656.4391 – for details. The initial consultation with a Cambridge counselor is free. If you choose to engage Cambridge to help you with a debt management plan, you will receive an automatic ten percent discount on Cambridge’s fee. Your fee is based on your ability to pay

Volunteer Management Software

Running an engaging volunteer program requires the right tools to do it well.

Better Impact has been serving volunteer services teams with intuitive, reliable, and secure volunteer management software, since 2000. Thousands of small, medium and enterprise sized organizations across the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand utilize and trust our solutions.