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Assisted Rides Expands Services in Response to Pandemic

Assisted Rides

Assisted Rides, one of VIS’s partner providers, is a great example of how organizations can adapt in order to continue providing valuable services even as the pandemic has forced social distancing. Assisted Rides offers Web-based services for nonprofit organizations that provide volunteer-based transportation and other services to their clients. Jeremy Pease of Assisted Rides explains how the company has adjusted, to continue meeting the needs of customer organizations and the individual clients they serve:

To help our organizations keep going during the difficult conditions of transporting people, we have created a new Request type called “Errands.”  This allows the agencies (customer organizations) to schedule pick-up and drop-off of items that their members need.  This has replaced a lot of the in-person transportation.   We have also seen a dramatic increase in meal deliveries that can be scheduled within Assisted Rides. 

“In addition to Errands, we also have built a new module within Assisted Rides to help our agencies delegate more responsibility to their volunteers in what we call “Outreach Programs.”  In an Outreach Program, volunteers can be assigned a set of clients to keep in contact with, and can escalate needs of the clients to the office for follow-up.   One specific use of Outreach Programs would be a “call tree”, where you can activate your volunteers to call their clients.

“Finally, we have added several other COVID-19 related features such as tracking required COVID protocols such as sanitization, documenting that those protocols were followed for each specific request, and more.”

Assisted Rides can support organizations that have their own vehicles, as well as those that rely entirely on volunteers driving their personal vehicles. It is an ideal scheduling and tracking program for meals delivery programs, ride assistance for elderly clients or others who need transportation, caregiving programs, aging-in-community programs, home-repair programs and many others. Recent innovations also include a dashboard-based Vehicles Module that helps organizations adhere to vehicle maintenance schedules that often are required by grants.

More information is available at

VIS members are entitled to a discount of 50% on the initial setup fee required for the Assisted Rides programs.

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