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Why a Nonprofit Organization Should Insure Volunteers Separately

Including volunteers as insureds under your liability policies reduces your coverage, and in some cases eliminates it altogether. But removing volunteers as insureds under these policies and replacing coverage for the volunteers through the VIS Volunteers Insurance Program increases your insurance protection – broadening coverage both for the organization and your volunteers. Here is why: […]

How to Write a Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Original article written by Valerie Mercadante, Manager of Customer Success for VolunteerPro 12/22/20 Nonprofit organizations have many challenges when it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent. Within these challenges lies the task of writing job descriptions for volunteer coordinators. Whether you are seeking a volunteer manager or director, crafting the perfect job description to […]

Personal Risk Management — Maintaining Important Documents

This article is provided by CIMA, the business administrator for the VIS Volunteers Insurance program. CIMA is a full-service property/casualty insurance and employee benefits broker, licensed in every state. CIMA can provide general liability, professional liability, property insurance, directors and officers liability, commercial auto, and other kinds of insurance coverage nonprofit organizations need. There is […]

Virtual Volunteer Best Practices

Editor’s Note: We thank Sterling Volunteers, an official partner of VIS, for the information in the following post. VIS members receive a substantial discount on Sterling’s services.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of many non-profit organizations. As managers, you rely on your volunteers to deliver community-oriented services. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations […]

“Vishing”- A New Cyberthreat Emerging

Nonprofit organizations around the country have been faced with a sharp increase in cybercrimes. Sensitive organizational data is at risk, making understanding these threats a critical part of risk management. A new threat has emerged in 2020 in the wake of many organizations’ switch to remote work for employees and volunteers. Called “vishing”, this scam […]