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Want vs. Need: Insurance for Nonprofits

Because operating budgets are always tight, managers at nonprofits must construct their insurance programs so that “need to have” coverage is always in place, and “nice to have” coverage added as circumstances permit. Here is a guide to nonprofit insurance requirements; what is needed and what is a luxury. Need-to-Have Volunteer Insurance Coverages Responsible nonprofit […]

Points Of Light Conference To Include VIS Webinar On Volunteer Risk Management

The Association of Leaders In Volunteer Engagement ( is including a VIS Webinar on volunteer risk management in its content channel for the Points of Light annual conference June 10-12. This year, the conference — the premier annual event for volunteer-based organizations — is being held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (More information and […]

How to Effectively Handle an Angry Volunteer

It is almost inevitable that a volunteer manager will be confronted by an angry volunteer. Regardless of the circumstances – frustration with a process or policy, interpersonal friction, a perceived (or real) slight – there are right ways and wrong ways to handle these confrontations. In this guide, we will illustrate four effective methods of […]

Working With Young Volunteers

In any organization, working with young volunteers has its own unique rewards and challenges. Many younger volunteers seek short-term, temporary or weekend opportunities, often to fulfill certain obligations. Here are tips designed to help your organization overcome potential challenges in working with young volunteers, allowing you – and your volunteers – to get the most […]

Politics at Work — The Employer’s Responsibilities

In every election cycle, politics in the workplace can create a highly-charged environment. The coronavirus pandemic has created one more subject on which people can disagree — sometimes heatedly. It’s the employer’s responsibility to manage a risk exposure that’s sometimes misunderstood. Establishing Workplace Policies Concerning Political Activity In a survey conducted prior to the 2016 […]

Insurance Coverage Guidelines For Nonprofits

Insurance is an important component of risk management, and a significant budget item, yet it can be difficult to determine what insurance coverages are really needed. The following overview can help. Our Insurance Basics For Nonprofit Organizations and ‘Need-To-Have’ and ‘Nice-To-Have’ Insurance For Nonprofits resources provide more detailed guidance. Both are available to VIS members […]

Volunteer Opportunities in the Age of a Pandemic

Concern for the health and welfare of volunteers and employees in the face of COVID-19 has led many groups to make significant changes in operations. Many have had to suspend certain services, especially those that require close contact among individuals. With social distancing guidelines influencing our everyday lives, including those of the volunteers of thousands […]