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Legal Guidance for In-Person or Remote Working

legal guidance

Return to work, staying remote, or both? Legal guidance now available.

As the pandemic recedes, are you planning to make the workplace look as much as possible as it did before March 2020? With volunteers more available for in-person assignments now, do you plan to rewind to pre-COVID roles and responsibilities? Or are some of the changes brought about by teleworking and other social-distancing protocols here to stay? How do you decide?

Venable, LLP, a law firm with a large nonprofit practice, recently held a Webinar addressing legal issues involved in answering those questions. The recording of that Webinar is available from VIS. If you would like to have it (at no cost), please email

Venable attorneys on the Webinar address issues such as:

  • Analyzing the costs and benefits of bringing employees (or volunteers) back to the workplace.
  • Vaccination policies (employers have latitude on what to require, within certain limits, but there are several potential pitfalls).
  • Considerations in determining who might continue to telework, either because of your needs or because of theirs, and how to be consistent.
  • Modifying human resources policies if telework practices will be different than they were pre-COVID.
  • Employee relations issues (no matter what policies are adopted, some employees are likely to be disappointed).
  • Considerations if some employees will be working in different states than was the case previously — corporate registration, wage and hour laws, tax withholding, expense reimbursement, unrelated business income, and more.

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