New In “VIS Vault” – Fundamentals Of a Volunteer Risk Management System

Our “Fundamentals Of a Volunteer Risk Management System” provides a basic approach you can sustain even as volunteers and staff come and go. It includes:

  • Questions to help you evaluate where you are now, in your efforts to manage the risks of volunteer engagement
  • A description of the four most common risks in volunteer engagement
  • How to identify risk exposures specific to your organization, starting with the threshold question, “What could possibly go wrong?”
  • How to rank your identified risks in terms of severity and frequency, and address them in ways that are practical and appropriate for your organization — including elimination, reduction and transfer of risks; volunteer selection, orientation, training, supervision and accountability; incident response; and promotion of your risk management system inside and outside of the organization
  • Resources to help you implement your risk management system

The 12-page  “Fundamentals” document is in the “Volunteer Management” section of the “VIS Vault.” Log in with your user name and password. If you are not yet a VIS member, join for only $25 a year (click on “Join Now” on the home page.) Current VIS members — If you do not have your user name and password, contact William Henry at 800.222.8920 or