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Preventing the Most Common Volunteer Injury — Falls

Volunteer Injury

Novant Health Foundation and the Metrolina Falls Prevention Center have released a video that shows simple exercises that can be done in a seated position, in just a few minutes at a time, and can help prevent what is by far the most common injury suffered by volunteers — falling. You might consider sharing the video with your volunteers, as one way you can help everyone work safely. (If some or all of your volunteers are sidelined by COVID-19, sending them the video is one way to stay connected. Fall prevention is important whether your volunteers are on their assignments or at home!)

By the way, we sometimes get this question: “If I tell my volunteers about risks (e.g., falling),  have I increased my organization’s liability, if something goes wrong?” NO. The opposite is true. Here is a working definition of “negligence,” which can result in liability: You did something you should have known not to do,  or you did not do something you should have known to do. If you know falls are a risk, and provide appropriate fall-prevention training (along with removing known fall hazards), you can help shield your organization against charges of negligence.

In our “VIS Vault,” we provide a wide variety of resources on injury prevention and vehicle safety. VIS members have 24/7 access to all those resources, including 42 “Preventer Papers” that are great for small-group safety training, or to give to individual volunteers.

Log into your account to view everything. If you are not already a member, join now for only $25 a year. If you aren’t a member but would like a free sample from the Vault, email for a copy of Falls — Managing a Leading Cause of Volunteer Injuries. It includes practical tips, and links to resources from the National Council on Aging and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. We’ll email it to you.

About VIS

Volunteers Insurance Service Association, Inc. (VIS) was established in 1972 for the purpose of providing insurance and risk management services for volunteer-based organizations. In addition to still providing these insurance services today on a nationwide scale, we have expanded to provide noninsurance resources for members to manage their risks and improve their operations. By transferring the volunteer risk exposure to our program, we can help you protect your organization. Contact us today at (800) 222-8920 for more information on our programs and services. Join now!