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Resources for Nonprofit Volunteer Risk Management

volunteer risk management

You and your volunteers work to make the world a better place. Our mission is to support you. We do this in various ways, including offering insurance packages designed for the unique needs of volunteer organizations, opportunities to save time and money through the power of our partnerships, and resources that include vital information to help you manage risks. As a member, you get access to all the information we offer in the VIS Vault, including free downloads of essential documents designed to help you manage volunteer risks.

Fundamentals of a Volunteer Risk Management System

This 20-page downloadable document opens with six questions designed to help you assess current volunteer risk management efforts. Once you have answered these questions and have a clear idea of your current state of risk management, the document describes the four most common risks for volunteers. It continues with other useful information, including:

  • Identifying risk scenarios
  • Developing appropriate responses to risks
  • Training programs and accountability factors for volunteers
  • Appropriate actions if an emergency such as a liability exposure or accident occurs

Checklist To Minimize the Most Common Volunteer Risks

This three-page document efficiently presents ways to reduce liability exposures for your volunteers and organization. VIS gives you 18 practical points to help you lower the risk of the most common liability threats and injury risks involving volunteers.

Our members benefit from a proactive approach that reduces injuries and operational interruptions. Responsible methodology ultimately results in lower premiums. A robust risk management program that includes focused risk reduction is assuring to supporters as well as clients.

The VIS Vault

These free downloads are only two of the many resources we offer our members. Our members-only VIS Vault provides a wealth of information for organizations, including:

  • Preventing volunteer injuries
  • Reducing liability risks
  • Teaching vehicle safety
  • Creating risk management programs for volunteers if you do not already have a program in place.

We can also teach you how to assess volunteer Motor Vehicle Records as well as how to prevent and detect dishonesty in employees and volunteers.

The VIS Vault and Other Benefits

The VIS Vault is open to our members 24/7 with unique content designed to make life easier for volunteer-based organizations. Some of our other popular offers include a unique program to help you insure your volunteers in the event they are injured, accidentally cause injuries to others, or be responsible for a vehicle accident. In addition to the content in the VIS Vault, we offer members many ways to work more efficiently and better serve their communities, by providing access to substantial discounts on the products and services of our VIS partners.

About VIS

Volunteers Insurance Service Association, Inc. (VIS) was established in 1972 for the purpose of providing insurance and risk management services for volunteer-based organizations. In addition to still providing these insurance services today on a nationwide scale, we have expanded to provide noninsurance resources for members to manage their risks and improve their operations. By transferring the volunteer risk exposure to our program, we can help you protect your organization. Contact us today at (800) 222-8920 for more information on our programs and services. Join now!