Risk Management Best Practices for Volunteer-Based Transportation Programs

Risk Management Best Practices for Volunteer-Based Transportation Programs

Does your organization offer, or want to offer, volunteer-based transportation services for those in your community who are not able to drive? The demand is growing, with the aging of the population. Many, especially older persons, are having to give up the keys, but they still need to go to appointments, visitation, shopping, entertainment, and other destinations. Having volunteers take them where they need to go is a great service, but there is risk involved. 

VIS has a template you can use to develop, or refine, a transportation program that addresses those risks in a practical and appropriate way.

Risk Management Best Practices For Volunteer-Based Transportation Programs is a seven-page summary of the key components, including:

  • Effective communication with clients, both before and after services begin
  • Screening – Verifying volunteers’ auto insurance on an ongoing basis, obtaining and evaluating Motor Vehicle Records, additional screening that might be required, and monitoring physical ability of your drivers (especially elderly drivers)
  • Safety of the vehicle – Monitoring state-required inspection, and a volunteer pre-trip checklist
  • Defensive driving
  • Accident response
  • Liability and insurance issues, for the organization and the driver

Best Practices also lists a number of helpful resources for specific aspects of a transportation program, including background screening, volunteer driver scheduling, VIS’s “Preventer Papers” that are useful for one-on-one or small-group safety training, and an online volunteer driver safety training program. That program, which is self-paced and can be completed in about an hour at the volunteer’s convenience, was developed jointly by VIS and the National Volunteer Transportation Center.

Risk Management Best Practices For Volunteer-Based Transportation Programs is free to VIS members. The cost of membership is only $25 a year. That includes access to the entire “VIS Vault” of risk management information, access to the online volunteer driver safety training program, and substantial discounts on volunteer background screening and a number of other products and services. Are you interested in learning more? Become a member today!

About VIS

Volunteers Insurance Service Association, Inc. (VIS) was established in 1972 for the purpose of providing insurance and risk management services for volunteer-based organizations. In addition to still providing these insurance services today on a nationwide scale, we have expanded to provide noninsurance resources for members to manage their risks and improve their operations. By transferring the volunteer risk exposure to our program, we can help you protect your organization. Contact us today at (800) 222-8920 today for more information on our programs and services.