Safety Measures for Volunteer Van Drivers

Safety Measures for Volunteer Van Drivers

Vans have certain characteristics that may bring issues that are different from those of other vehicles. As operations that use volunteer van drivers, it’s crucial for your organization to be aware of certain van operating tips, for the safety of your drivers, their passengers, and everyone else on the road. Let drivers be aware of the following. 


Adjust mirrors to reduce blind spots before driving. Rear blind spots are especially dangerous while backing. Back up only when necessary, and if the blind spot is bad enough you may even need to get out and check the area behind.

Sometimes there is a blind spot right in front due to the height of the van. Stop a little farther back from crosswalks and be extremely careful for pedestrians. Drivers should avoid getting so close to a vehicle in front that they cannot see its brake lights and directional signals.

Be especially cautious when changing lanes and careful of the blind spots on both sides. Use turn signals before changing lanes while checking mirrors.


Vans use a wider turn than a car. On right turns, watch outside mirrors carefully for pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles.

Avoid U-turns, especially when it could require backing up. Always turns more slowly than you do with a smaller car. Use turn signals well in advance of beginning the turn.

Following Distance 

A van’s braking patterns normally differ from those of a car. A van is typically more difficult to stop than smaller vehicles traveling at the same speed. However, vans can also be brought to a very abrupt halt at some speeds. Adjust your following distance according to the stopping distance required for your van and load.

Staying Alert 

Vehicle accidents commonly occur due to the driver being caught by surprise in a situation that they could have seen coming. Frequently check both sides and rearview mirrors, and look way ahead up the road.

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