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An Unaffordable Expense – Onboarding a Bad Volunteer

Volunteer Onboarding

Not “bad,” as in a poor performer. Bad, as in immoral or unethical. It can happen, and cost your organization dearly, if you don’t apply volunteer background screening the right way.

A few examples of how bad volunteers can damage your organization and those you serve:

  • Physical endangerment of other volunteers, employees or clients
  • Embezzlement
  • Litigation against the organization
  • Damage to reputation, leading to loss of donations and other support
  • Damage to employee and volunteer morale

Everyone is wary of the “L” word – liability. If you do not properly screen your prospective volunteers (and current volunteers being promoted to positions where dishonesty can become a risk), you have a liability you should not accept.

Because screening must be done thoroughly and in compliance with complex legal requirements, it’s best left to professionals. Sterling Volunteers, an official VIS partner, works exclusively with nonprofit organizations, to provide screening services that are appropriate for your particular needs. VIS members receive a substantial discount with Sterling.

Members of VIS also have access to our “VIS Vault” of risk management information, including resources on proper background screening, safeguards against dishonest acts by employees and volunteers, and other human-resources topics. Log in or join now.

About VIS

Volunteers Insurance Service Association, Inc. (VIS) was established in 1972 for the purpose of providing insurance and risk management services for volunteer-based organizations. In addition to still providing these insurance services today on a nationwide scale, we have expanded to provide noninsurance resources for members to manage their risks and improve their operations. By transferring the volunteer risk exposure to our program, we can help you protect your organization. Contact us today at (800) 222-8920 for more information on our programs and services. Join now!